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  • DCC Tools Catalogue

    DCC Tools Catalogue

    The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has has recently updated their catalogue of tools and services for managing and curating research data. The catalogue is available from This is more than a new look; the catalogue has been overhauled to focus on software and services that directly perform curation and management tasks. It splits these [...]

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  • Launch Workshop for DataFlow and ViDaaS

    Launch Workshop for DataFlow and ViDaaS

    Mark Thorley, data management co-ordinator for NERC set the tone for the day when he explained that “Data management is too important to leave to the data managers, it needs to be an important part of research“. The launch event, hald at the Saïd Business school, University of Oxford, on Friday 2nd March 2012 for [...]

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  • DCC Roadshow in Cardiff

    DCC Roadshow in Cardiff

    Snow, sleet, hailstones, rain and sunshine! The Cardiff weather couldn’t make up its mind, but the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) roadshow carried on regardless. Although I have attended various days of the travelling roadshow (Bath and Cambridge) I’ve never actually managed to catch a day one. The opening day is an opportunity to hear an [...]

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  • Free Research DM Workshop, Cambridge, 9-11 Nov

    Free Research DM Workshop, Cambridge, 9-11 Nov

    Unfortunately the DCC Brighton Roadshow was cancelled but the next roashow isn’t far off and places are still available. To give some background…. The UK Digital Curation Centre is running a series of free inter-linked regional workshops aimed at supporting institutional research data management planning and training. The DCC Roadshows are designed to allow every [...]

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  • DCC and the Sussex Roadshow

    DCC and the Sussex Roadshow

    I’ve recently been appointed as an Institutional Support Officer for the Digital Curation Centre. In this role I will be raising awareness and building capacity for institutional research data by liaising with libraries, IT services, research support staff and others. My first step in getting myself up to speed will be attending the DCC Roadshow [...]

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  • Closing the Digital Curation Gap

    Closing the Digital Curation Gap

    Last week on the day before the ICE Forum (28th June 2011) I attended the Closing the Digital Curation Gap Meeting. CDCG is an International Collaboration to Integrate Best Practice, Research & Development, and Training in Digital Curation. It has been running since October 2009 and was scheduled to finish in September this year but [...]

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  • DCC Roadshow 2010 – 2011

    DCC Roadshow 2010 – 2011

    The Digital Curation Centre have carried out digital preservation training in the past (for example the Digital Curation 101 course) but they have now committed to running a series of data curation roadshows. These are likely to be very useful anyone involved in digital curation from senior managers to researchers and librarians. Institutional Challenges in [...]

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