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  • Extending the RDM Benefits Envelope

    Extending the RDM Benefits Envelope

    An opportunity was extended at the MRD Programme Phase 2 launch workshop to brainstorm the benefits and evidence thereof of research data management for, in particular, the institution-level projects. Since REDm-MED is not one of these I found myself assisting my colleagues on the University of Bath’s other MRD project: Research360. Neil Beagrie provided ‘seed [...]

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  • Discrimination


    Our, or at least my,  current – immature – thinking on research data management tends toward a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach irrespective of circumstances of the data management case. It is quite clear that there is a great deal of inter-discipline and, within disciplines, inter-project differences in the character of the data and data sets encountered. It seems [...]

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  • REDm-MED at Christmas

    REDm-MED at Christmas

    The REDm-MED Project approaches the Christmas break in good order, I think, with progress having been made in the three main tasks, of developing the requirements specification for the DMP for the University of Bath’s Dept. of Mech. Engineering, getting the development of the RAIDmap tool underway, and the various ‘outreach’ and project management activities. We [...]

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  • Keeping the REDm-MED Project on Track

    Keeping the REDm-MED Project on Track

    Our experiences observing the varied success of introducing knowledge and information management tools and methods in industry brought us to the following conclusion if success is to be hoped for: ‘Interventions should result in a zero net resource requirement increase.’ It does not mean we think that no money or effort should be spent on performing, for [...]

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