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  • RDM in the Performing Arts

    RDM in the Performing Arts

    Disciplinary variations notwithstanding, there is a widespread understanding among scientific researchers about what is meant by ‘research data’, and research funders and institutions have supported and enabled this via authoritative defini...

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  • End of REDm-MED Project

    End of REDm-MED Project

    As you may have gathered from an earlier post, the REDm-MED project successfully concluded in June 2012. As a result, the time has come to close the blog; it will still be around for reference but there won’t be any new posts or comments. You can still see a full list of project outputs on [...]

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  • RAIDmap documentation on SourceForge

    RAIDmap documentation on SourceForge

    The RAIDmap Application User Guide and RAIDmap Application Developer Guide have been converted and can now be read on the RAIDmap wiki on SourceForge. In the long term, this will make it easier to update the documentation when changes are made to the software. If anyone is interested in developing RAIDmap further, please just put [...]

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  • Hands-on RDM with SIM4RDM

    Hands-on RDM with SIM4RDM

    On 12 April 2013 I attended a workshop organised in Berlin by the SIM4RDM more

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  • Making Data Count

    Making Data Count

    For some time now, the digital curation community has argued that datasets deserve to be considered first class research outputs. Now at last there is an appetite within the academic mainstream to make it happen, but there are still a lot of implicatio...

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  • The sweet smell of sustainability – JISC MRD projects make the business case

    The sweet smell of sustainability – JISC MRD projects make the business case

    The MRD Workshop at Aston University 25-6 March heard about the business case advanced by four projects; at Universities of Bristol, Nottingham and Oxford and, with a slightly different take on things, from the Archaeology Data more

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  • IGT: The key to NHS data?

    IGT: The key to NHS data?

    On Friday March 8th I attended a packed session of the NHS-HE forum convened to examine the NHS Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) and discuss its application to higher education (HE) more

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  • To the 17th century, and beyond!

    To the 17th century, and beyond!

    The final session of the closing workshop for the JISC Managing Research Data ought to be a time for reflection on the whole programme, and of course it was. Programme Manager Simon Hodson introduced a six-strong panel to answer two questions, first &l...

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  • DMPonline – current status

    DMPonline – current status

    In a news post back in January, I described our future plans for DMPonline in outline. This followed an extensive series of evaluations and tests of the tool and the underlying methodology as well as a re-examination of what the tool was meant to do an...

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