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  • Gaps in Guidelines

    Gaps in Guidelines

    Gap analyses often take the form of a formal survey such as the Data Asset Framework or CARDIO. However, there are more informal ways of identifying gaps in an institution’s readiness for managing its research data. As we have been working on our new RDM policy, we have referred to a number of related policies, [...]

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  • Benefiting from Research360: Who, when and how?

    Benefiting from Research360: Who, when and how?

    Thinking about this blog post has provided a welcome opportunity to reflect on what we’re hoping to achieve during the Research360 project. It’s a broad project covering many aspects of research data management (RDM) and generating numerous specific outputs that, one would hope, will all benefit researchers, their collaborators, the institution and the wider RDM [...]

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  • South-west meetup

    South-west meetup

    On Wednesday 1 February, we met up with representatives of three other universities in the south-west area to discuss and find common ground on our JISC Managing Research Data projects. Represented were: Research360, University of Bath data.bris, University of Bristol OpenExeter, University of Exeter Managing Research Data, University of the West of England Each institution has its own unique set [...]

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