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  • Digital Curation Centre

    Digital Curation Centre

    The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) is the UK’s leading hub of expertise in curating digital research data. It works with researchers, data scientists, data librarians, senior academics and funding bodies to improve the capacity and capability for research data management both within the UK and...

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  • immersiveInformatics


    The immersiveInformatics Project is building a distinctive training pilot programme that aims to equip a broad range of academic staff roles with Research Data Management skills as a key element of capacity and capability building. The immersiveInformatics programme will provide participants with the essential knowledge...

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  • REDm-MED


    The REDm-MED (Research Data Management for Mechanical Engineering Departments) Project developed a research data management regime for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath. This included data management plan templates and a software tool, RAIDmap, for producing Research Activity Information Development diagrams....

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  • Research 360


    The Research360 Project is developing a research data management infrastructure at the University of Bath that will address the long-tail of high quality small science characterised by applied research and academia-industry partnerships. The infrastructure is being piloted within the Faculties of Science and Engineering &...

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  • Community Capability Model for Data Intensive Research

    Community Capability Model for Data Intensive Research

    The CCMDIR (Community Capability Model for Data-Intensive Research) Project is developing a framework for assessing how capable a community is of performing ‘Fourth Paradigm’ (i.e. data-intensive) research, and for planning strategies to increase this capability at the principal investigator, institutional and funder levels. Dates Phase...

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  • Smart Research Framework

    Smart Research Framework

    The Smart Research Framework (SRF) is a collection of three tools: LabTrove and Blog3, two alternative blogging platforms adapted for use as electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), and LabBroker, a tool for piping data from instruments into ELNs. This project developed these tools into cloud-based services...

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  • Patients Participate!

    Patients Participate!

    Patients Participate! investigated the potential of crowdsourced ‘lay summaries’, derived from UK PubMed Central content, to enable the citizen patient to better understand research. Dates From 1 March 2011 To 30 September 2011 Links Project blog JISC project Web page People Monica Duke Liz Lyon...

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  • KRDS-I2S2


    The KRDS/I2S2 Digital Preservation Benefit Analysis Tools Project took theĀ Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) Benefits Framework and theĀ I2S2 Value Chain Analysis tools, and combined and developed them to produce a benefit analysis toolkit. The ultimate aim of this was to support researchers and support staff...

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  • SageCite


    The SageCite Project explored the foundations of a framework for citing disease network models and data processing workflows. This work was conducted in association with SageCommons, a data sharing initiative in the area of bioinformatics and health research. Dates From 1 August 2010 To 31...

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  • JISC Beginner's Guide to Digital Preservation

    JISC Beginner’s Guide to Digital Preservation

    The JISC Beginner’s Guide to Digital Preservation provides digital preservation information for members of the JISC community who aren’t active in the area of digital preservation. It takes a straightforward approach to the subject area, and is pragmatic and applicable to those who are new...

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