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  • ANDS & the DCC

    ANDS & the DCC

    After giving a presentation on DMP Online at the Future Perfect conference, Martin and I visited ANDS staff in the Canberra and Mebourne offices.  We had some great discussions, sharing common ground and learning from each other's lessons. Rea...

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  • A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

    A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

    The workshop on developing institutional data policies held in mid-March helped institutions to come together to discuss different approaches and learn from each other. This article describes some of the lessons emerging from the workshop, complementin...

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  • Turning roadmaps to action

    Turning roadmaps to action

    Many UK Higher Education Institutions are setting out their 'roadmap' of actions to support research data management, to meet a deadline set by funding body EPSRC. Prompted by a workshop organised by DCC and JISC with the RoaDMaP project at Lee...

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  • Navigating the potholes

    Navigating the potholes

    As part of our series of blog posts on developing RDM roadmaps, this week we're reflecting on what a roadmap looks like and where HEIs have most work to do. Read more

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  • Developing a roadmap for RDM

    Developing a roadmap for RDM

    We trialled a new session at the Loughborough roadshow on developing data policy and services. This ended with an excerise on producing an RDM roadmap, as the EPSRC requirement to do this by May 2012 is uppermost on many people's minds. Read more

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