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  • Citizen Science briefing paper available in print.

    Citizen Science briefing paper available in print.

    Last week I received my supply of printed copies of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) Briefing Paper on Citizen Science, produced by the Patients Participate! project. Order your copies through the DCC by emailing or print off your own u...

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  • Citizen Science briefing paper published.

    Citizen Science briefing paper published.

    The briefing paper from the Patients Participate! project has now been published on the Digital Curation Centre website as part of their briefing paper series. The Citizen Science briefing paper provides an introduction to citizen science, presents ben...

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  • Invitation to comment

    Invitation to comment

    The Patients Participate! project has released two deliverables for open community review. The first is a guide to writing Lay Summaries, and forms part of the DCC series of How To guides, pitched at an intermediate level, offering practical advice. We...

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  • Scenarios for writing lay summaries

    Scenarios for writing lay summaries

    In preparation for the workshop, the project constructed a number of scenarios to help think through examples of how web-based, biomedical information resources, technologies and communities could support translation of emerging research findings into ...

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  • Presentations from the workshop.

    Presentations from the workshop.

    The presentations from the workshop are now available from slideshare. These are in addition to the recording of Liz Lyon opening the event. Crowdsourcing Lay Summaries: Bridging the Gap in Health Research by Liz Lyon Accessing Biomedical and Health Information by Lee-Ann Coleman .prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; } JISCPP on [...]

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