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  • Citizen Science Platforms

    Citizen Science Platforms

    This post gives a brief overview of a selection of systems that are used to support citizen science or crowd sourcing activities.  The examples are selected to illustrate a range of activities and systems and provide an idea of the functionality suppo...

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  • 6th Bloomsbury Conference

    6th Bloomsbury Conference

    Tomorrow the Patients Participate! project will be speaking at the 6th Bloomsbury Conference which has the theme of Scholarly outreach, impact and outcomes. There is a wide-ranging programme from discussions of open access, persepectives on impact and ...

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  • Open Research Reports

    Open Research Reports

    I’ve just heard about the Open Research Reports initiative, an idea to make disease research as openly accessible as possible to the people that really need it. Open Research Reports aim to pull together the corpus of open access literature on a ...

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  • The project

    The project

    The project with the closest idea to that being investigated in Patients Participate! that we have identified so far is the site. It is a general site run on a wiki platform, that invites summaries of academic articles to make them more acc...

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