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  • IDCC13: Bringing people together via DMPs

    IDCC13: Bringing people together via DMPs

    The DMP workshop at IDCC brought together speakers from all corners of the globe to pursue the common interest of data management planning. The event was kicked off by Martin Donnelly of the DCC who co-organised it with Carly Strasser from the Californ...

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  • Working with commercial partners

    Working with commercial partners

    On Monday 29 October, Cathy Pink gave an invited presentation on research data management with commercial partners at the latest DataCite workshop. The workshop was jointly run by JISC and the British Library, and focused on issues around citing sensitive data. Cathy’s slides are now available for download from our institutional repository: Presentation — Working with commercial partners (Cathy [...]

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  • JISC MRD progress workshop slides & poster

    JISC MRD progress workshop slides & poster

    On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October 2012, Cathy and I attended the JISC MRD programme progress workshop in Nottingham. The workshop was an excellent opportunity to share the lessons we’re learning on the Research360 project and learn from colleagues working on research data management elsewhere, including a number outside the JISC-funded MRD programme. Our slides [...]

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  • Tackling visual arts as research data

    Tackling visual arts as research data

    KAPTUR, a JISC MRD project following on from the Keepit and Kultivate projects, will discover, create and pilot a sectoral model of best practice in the management of research data in the visual more

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  • Presentations from the workshop.

    Presentations from the workshop.

    The presentations from the workshop are now available from slideshare. These are in addition to the recording of Liz Lyon opening the event. Crowdsourcing Lay Summaries: Bridging the Gap in Health Research by Liz Lyon Accessing Biomedical and Health Information by Lee-Ann Coleman .prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; } JISCPP on [...]

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