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  • Hands-on RDM with SIM4RDM

    Hands-on RDM with SIM4RDM

    On 12 April 2013 I attended a workshop organised in Berlin by the SIM4RDM more

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  • To the 17th century, and beyond!

    To the 17th century, and beyond!

    The final session of the closing workshop for the JISC Managing Research Data ought to be a time for reflection on the whole programme, and of course it was. Programme Manager Simon Hodson introduced a six-strong panel to answer two questions, first &l...

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  • The value of a one-to-one

    The value of a one-to-one

    Marieke and I were in Northampton yesterday as part of the DCC institutional engagements. A few months back Miggie suggested we kick off our one-to-one support by running a preliminary 'research data clinic' where we invite researchers to come ...

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  • Are you really on the map?

    Are you really on the map?

    Between 18th July and 18th September 2012, Research Office heads or the PVCs Research (or their equivalent) in one hundred UK institutions in receipt of EPSRC funding, were invited to complete an online DCC survey designed to establish reactions to (an...

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  • DCC training workshop at iPres 2012

    DCC training workshop at iPres 2012

    The DCC ran a workshop in collaboration with several other digital curation stakeholders today. Pushing the Boundaries - excellence in digital curation education and training through collaboration covered a number of themes, including curriculum develo...

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  • Demystifying research data

    Demystifying research data

    Earlier this week, I attended a workshop entitled 'Demystifying research data: don't be scared, be prepared', an event that was organised by the JIBS User Group and RLUK (Research Libraries UK), and held at the Brunei Gallery, SO...

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  • A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

    A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

    The workshop on developing institutional data policies held in mid-March helped institutions to come together to discuss different approaches and learn from each other. This article describes some of the lessons emerging from the workshop, complementin...

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  • Turning roadmaps to action

    Turning roadmaps to action

    Many UK Higher Education Institutions are setting out their 'roadmap' of actions to support research data management, to meet a deadline set by funding body EPSRC. Prompted by a workshop organised by DCC and JISC with the RoaDMaP project at Lee...

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  • Navigating the potholes

    Navigating the potholes

    As part of our series of blog posts on developing RDM roadmaps, this week we're reflecting on what a roadmap looks like and where HEIs have most work to do. Read more

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